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Dear Guests,
Our opening hours on Saturday have changed. From 28/1, we will be open from 12:00 to 21:30. The Saturday business menu will be served from 12:00 until 18:00. Hope to see you as our guest soon.

a redefines simple.


At a, Chef Yuval Ben

Neriah realizes his vision

to combine elements

primal and advanced,

Primal and prime

ancient and modern,

earthy and refined.

To experience his

culinary ideals and

explore the possibilities. 

Yuval Ben



One of the most

creative, precise chefs

in Israel, Yuval is an

artist and restaurateur

specialising in Asian

cuisines with a bold,

local interpretation.



a is a modern approach

to Japanese cuisine with

premium local ingredients

selected and explored

through different methods
raw, fried, iron, grill, and

dry aged, with contrasting

elements in every dish.  






a presents the most

extensive sake menu in Israel,

personally selected from

boutique distilleries across

Japan. Chef Yuval Ben Neriah

continues the vision he began

at Taizu to introduce local

audiences to the rich culture

and traditions of sake. 

Local Sources



a partners with local farmers,

ranchers, growers, and artisans

across the country who dedicate

their lives and craft to producing

the finest ingredients. Selections

from Kibbutz Dan, Ein Hashofet,

Sharona Farm, Moshav Givati,

and Nir David are featured

throughout the menu.  



Weaving together elements

from Japanese and western

culture, a’s interior relies

upon classical concepts of

form and material, resculpted

for the modern urban

environment. Inspired

by traditional Japanese

ceremonies and the

experience of discovery

and, the restaurant was

designed by Pitsou Kedem

and Baranowitz + Kronenberg.